Julie Longstreth

My work as an artist is largely informed by previous work episodes as an anthropologist in the American Southwest, assistant amphibian and reptile biologist in Vermont and a lifetime of walking in field and forest with my family of three school age children, husband, and canine companions.  In my creative process I emphasize  line, color, and detail, as well as the play between the microscopic and macroscopic...all without losing the spontaneity of seeing and recording,  in an effort to keep the work alive--No straight lines in life, or nature.

My education includes a BA from Middlebury College, an MA from Northern Arizona University, and a pending certification as a Veterinary Assistant. I hope to combine my visual interest in painting and sculpting the animals I see, with a new caretaking role in the veterinary environment. I believe one will inspire the other.

Having saved inumerable salamanders with my children and dogs as we walk our dirt road in mud season, I work to cultivate an interest through my creations in conserving the natural world. Materials I use include clay and glazes, wool felt, wire, watercolor, water-based oils, found objects (even the "creative re-use" of forgotten and woe-be-gone children's toys).

And while my art pieces seem to be light, humerous, irreverent, the poems I write come from a deeper place---while still attending to obsevations taken in walks through the woods.

This web page highlights my interest in "old stuff," animals, and architecture and I hope in a humorous and easy to live with style.

Custom Pet Portraits


Interested in a Portrait of your pet?

  • 2’x3’ oil painting on canvas
  • $300 plus shipping
  • Email me photos and color preferences
  • completed in about 4 weeks

Julie Longstreth Vermont Artist - no straight lines animal wildlife clay tiles


Clay peices are all built from thinly rolled slabs. Texture is added with stamps I have made that add another layer of thought to the piece; ladybugs, snowflakes, abstract patterns that evoke a pattern observed in nature are all some of the stamps I’ve utilized.

Julie Longstreth Vermont Artist - vermont barn scenery paintings


Paintings are watercolor or water based oil paintings on gesso board. I am tempted by the sway-backed roof line of a falling barn, abandoned farm houses that convey a trace of humanity, animals large and small, and “sacred” landscapes.

Julie Longstreth Vermont Artist - no straight line


3-dimensional wool felted sculptures accessorized with found objects including chicken feathers, small scale ceramics (also crafted in my Vermont studio), yarn and stones, sea glass, and bone. Check out my Etsy store to purchase directly, or contact me for special requests.